How did we manage to improve an already excellent machine ?
Well, here is what we have done and how our new CFI-05SRV is better than ever:
  • We introduced a highly reliable optical control for clips' adequacy prior to insertion. What does that mean:        
  • No more accumulation of substandard clips inside the dye
  • The system generates immediate feedback about the presence of formed and ejected clips, as well as for proper clip insertion over the conductor.
  • Additional functionality of the Conductor Gripper Unit. By completely revamping the design of this unit , the new Gripper is able to compensate to a certain degree for occasional conductors with slight shape deviations. 
  • A new technology embedded in the dereeler module and the straightening station allows for improved straightening of the brazing/silfoss tape, while keeping the formation precision intact
  • Improved clips' cutter device prior the forming process. Added precision and reliability is just one of the advantages being add. Another one is significant elimination of the burrs created during the shearing procedure. Last but not least, the life span of the cutter is prolonged by 60% and this raises its reliability as well.
  • All of the above improvements are supported by a new version of the underlying software and its application lowers the probability for operator mistakes to a minimum.
Should you need more information on the latest improvements and developments of our state-of-the-art Clips' Forming and Inserting Machine, feel free to contact us via email or phone/direct, we will be glad to provide more details to you.