Combining the art of invention with science and customer-driven engineering to arrive at our latest model of Hairpin Coil Forming equipment! Why is this one of our superior products and what are the latest improvements we have made to it?

Read further to discover more about HCM-04S’ new features:

  • S-shape modeling of the hairpin’s head shoulders enabled
  • Precise control of the wire cut length for each hairpin –  feeder powered by a servo actuator.
  • New method for complete enamel removal from the hairpin’s ends, both from the sides and the edges of the wire
  • What is the accuracy with which you need to achieve the bending and twisting angles? – we have the right answer with the servo gears/motors performing these operations!
  • Bending and twisting angles reinvented – their adjustment is easier than ever with a convenient storage in the machine easy to use data application  
  • Our latest Know-How ensures the next level of control for the shape of the hairpin’s head during twisting process
  • Need various lengths of the head shoulders ? No problem , try our HCM-04S!
  • The machine can produce hairpins for stators with skewed slots, with no need for additional operations
  • Significantly shorter cycle time of hairpin coil-forming, due to the servo control of the wire-feeding, enamel stripping, bending and twisting

Enhance the productivity of your equipment and the profit being generated by manufacturing high quality products with our latest state-of-the-art Hairpin Coil Forming machine. No matter which unit model you select, you will get M&T-2001's outstanding service at an exceptional value.

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