CTM-02D implements a new technology for twisting of the armature’s lead wires. The advanced twisting process makes the machine fully suitable for applications requiring high quality and reliability such as armatures of starters and starter-generators for the Automotive OEM and Aircraft Industries. The twisting process can be modeled and it consists of up to three stages. For the first time the over-twisting and the return angles as well as the rotating speed can be individually adjusted for the top and the bottom row wires; that is not possible with any other currently existing machines. For heavy-duty armatures an additional axial pressing force is applied to the armature during the twisting to control the width of the twisting zone, thus bending and fitting the wires close to each other. This original process guarantees precise twisting and alignment of the lead wires and at the same time facilitates ejecting of the armature from the twisting tool.


  • Advanced twisting process; individual adjustments for the top and bottom row wires
  • High resolution encoder feedback for the positions of the two twisting spindles
  • Applying of additional axial pressing force during the twisting cycle
  • Fully automatic twisting cycle after loading of the armature
  • Automatic synchronization of the turning of the two twisting spindles
  • PLC controlled operation; up to 50 programs can be stored in the PLC memory
  • Easy loading and unloading even for heavy armatures
  • Fast and easy readjustment – less than two minutes
  • No skilled operator required


Outside body diameter, mm 90 – 115
Commutator side shaft length, mm 130 – 160
Maximum twisting angle per spindle, degree 60
Nominal twisting torque per spindle, Nm 1600
Armature clamping force, N
Hydraulic pump motor power, kW 1.5
Productivity, pc/h up to 240
Air Pressure supply, Bar 4.5 – 6
Power Supply 3 x 400VAC, 50/60Hz
Overall dimensions, mm L:920, W:890, H:1210
Weight, kg 530